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Sexual Assault/Sexual Communication

Speaking of Sex…

by Michael Agnew

Communicating frankly about sexuality is difficult. Aside from the embarrassment that can color such discussion, there is often confusion. What is sex? Different people have different answers to even this most basic question. What kind of behaviors constitute sexuality? Does handholding belong in that category? What about furtive glances across a crowded room? When does flirtation cross the line into harassment and when is it just “leading one on?” Sexual negotiations are clouded in conflicting emotions and complex power relationships. With all this fog how can anyone make their own desires clear, let alone understand the intentions of another? This confusion can lead to some humorous or heartbreaking misunderstandings. It can also lead to rape.

In three scenes, Speaking of Sex… tracks six students as they try to untangle the complicated web of sexual miscommunication. It covers the basics: “NO means NO,” but it doesn’t stop there. Speaking of Sex… asks students the questions that help them unravel the complexity. How does language influence attitudes and actions? How can you communicate with a partner who won’t listen? What constitutes consent? Speaking of Sex… addresses these questions.

Speaking of Sex… is a 90-minute program that is perfect for new student orientation or campus date rape awareness programs anytime during the school year.

The Scenes

  • Jessica has been drinking at a Mardi Gras party. She’s been flirting with Nick, but should she accept his invitation to go upstairs and “get some more beads?”
  • Ben thought their relationship was exclusive. What will he do when he learns that Ken did not?
  • When Nicole took Tom back to her room, she just wanted to kiss. He wanted more. Will he abide by her wishes?

Speaking of Sex… asserts that each of us is responsible for our own behavior. It asks students to evaluate their attitudes regarding sex and sexuality in order to clearly articulate their own desires. Finally, Speaking of Sex… teaches methods of assertive communication and encourages honest dialogue as a means of preventing potentially tragic misunderstandings.